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NYIAC has hosted a wide variety of virtual events. From addressing issues of pandemic and force majeure, to a spotlight series on Latin America, to growth in the life sciences industry, this audio library is your one-stop-shop for audio content.  Missed a program?  No problem.  Search through and click to listen.  Interested to learn more about a specific topic?  Submit a program proposal here. For future events check out our calendar and our weekly events mailer.

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NYIAC is available to host remote mediations, hearings, and conferences via our Zoom platform.  Please find more details here.  Send an email to  to request a quote.

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NYIAC is available to facilitate in-person hearings. We have working relationships with several hearing venues, including the AAA-ICDR (at 150 East 42nd Street in Midtown Manhattan).  There are a variety of room offerings at these sites to fit your case needs, complete with video and audio conferencing capabilities, translation booth, business center, and reception.  Other venues include Jay Suites, Davinci Meeting Rooms, Virgo Business Centers, Space 530, and AMA Conference Centers, each centrally located in/near Midtown Manhattan.

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Please review NYIAC’s compilation of COVID-19 resources from Institutions and our Founding Firms here.

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Global Advisory Board Interview Series: Eric Schwartz

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New York Strong as Preferred Seat of International Arbitration


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NYIAC Puts Ex-Sidley Arbitration Pro at The Helm

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Kimmelman Takes Helm as NYIAC Plans Move

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NYIAC Elects New Leaders, Announces Future Plans


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New York Arbitration Week 2020 Goes Virtual

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Read our Global Arbitration Board (GAB) Interview Series, Below

Jennifer Permesly in conversation with Neil Kaplan, QC and Chiann Bao

Jennifer Permesly in conversation with Jerry Aksen and George Bermann

The New York International Arbitration Center: A New York State Bar Association Global Success Story

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Reprinted with permission from NYSBA Journal, November 2019, published by the New York State Bar Association, One Elk Street, Albany, NY 12207.

New York Rises as the Third Global Seat for International Arbitration.  

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Immediate Past Chair James H. Carter and Executive Committee Member John V.H. Pierce Co-author:  “Arbitrating in New York: The NYIAC Advantage.”

Annual Update 2016-2017

Why are your clients choosing New York as an arbitral seat? Who are you most likely to run into at NYIAC hearings? How can you stay up to date on New York case law on international arbitration? Answers to these questions and more are in NYIAC’s 2016-2017 Annual Update.

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Richard Mattiaccio, Stephanie Cohen, and Mark W. Friedman Author The Updated Brochure, Choose New York for International Arbitration

Download it now: Choose NY for IA.  The brochure was published by the New York State Bar Dispute Resolution Section and was developed under the leadership of Richard Mattiaccio, Stephanie Cohen, and Mark W. Friedman.

Daesang Manifest Disregard Appeal Denied on February 19, 2019

The Motion for Leave To Appeal in the below-referenced matter was denied. The Court’s one-sentence decision appears on its Decision List, at page 2.  New York maintains its role as a premier, pro-arbitration seat.

Revived $100M Award Boosts NY's Pro-Arbitration Reputation

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