Why Arbitrate In New York

New York is one of the most frequently selected venues for international arbitration in the world and the most popular city for arbitration in the United States. Parties choose to arbitrate in New York because it is a major global, commercial and cultural center, home to a vast pool of professionals with unparalleled expertise in the provision of dispute resolution services and in the business practices and commercial aspects of many businesses, has a well-developed and predictable commercial law, neutral courts with extensive experience in complex commercial disputes, a legal framework that embodies a strong policy in favor of international arbitration, and the infrastructure necessary to host any type of case.

New York’s robust arbitration culture is strengthened by the presence of leading arbitral institutions, excellent professional (legal) organizations with a focus on the field, and major universities with preeminent experts in international arbitration.

The choice of venue for the arbitration is important because the law of the venue determines many procedural matters, and courts located in the venue may be called upon to deal with a variety of issues ranging from interim relief to recognition and enforcement of the award.  New York’s courts are experienced, neutral and supportive of international arbitration.

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10 Questions about New York as a leading Arbitration Center

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Enforceability of Arbitration Agreements and Finality of Awards

Both the state and federal courts sitting in New York manifest the highest respect for the decision of the parties to submit their disputes to arbitration and readily enforce arbitration awards.

New York, a Great International City

New York is one of the world’s great centers for finance, commerce, culture, art and tourism. As a result, New York also is a great place to hold your arbitration and a wonderful place to spend time while doing so.

New York’s Neutral and Sophisticated Courts

New York courts are independent, experienced, and neutral, and they routinely decide disputes arising out of complex international commercial transactions.

Clear, Distinct Legal Framework for International Arbitration

The law that applies to international arbitrations venued in New York affirms that arbitrators have authority to determine questions concerning their own jurisdiction whenever an arbitration clause manifests the parties’ clear and unmistakable intention to confer such authority upon them.

Leading Arbitrators, Lawyers and Institutions

Thanks to its historical role as a global financial and commercial center, New York is home to experienced and leading arbitrators and mediators, experienced lawyers, and the most respected arbitration and alternative dispute resolution institutions.