NYIAC International Arbitration Initiatives

NYIAC serves as a catalyst for international arbitration activities and developments in New York.  Led by lawyers and arbitrators in New York’s international arbitration community, NYIAC’s current initiatives include:

Colloquium for New York Judges

The New York judiciary plays a key role in maintaining New York at the forefront of the global arbitration community, responding to party requests for judicial intervention to aid (or disrupt) the arbitral proceedings and to enforce (or vacate) arbitral awards.  Their decisions impact not only the parties to a specific case, but also international perceptions of New York as a seat of arbitration.

NYIAC aims to ensure that New York judges have access to cutting edge developments in international arbitration, and will soon hold its inaugural showcase session for New York judges, entitled “International Arbitration:  The Challenge of Our New Global World”, presented by Professor Harold Koh of Yale Law School, former Legal Adviser to the U.S. Secretary of State.

Collaboration with the State/Federal Judicial Council

Members of NYIAC’s leadership are working with members of the State/Federal Judicial Council Advisory Working Group On Arbitration to conduct research and fashion reform projects related to international arbitration in New York courts. This key collaboration promises to help New York remain a desirable seat of arbitration for parties world-wide.

Showcase CLE Sessions

As part of its educational and promotional functions, NYIAC is dedicated to hosting and sponsoring panels, CLEs, and other events dedicated to educating the global community about New York as choice of law and seat of arbitration.  Every quarter, NYIAC will showcase a hot or emerging issue in international arbitration.   Plans for 2014 include:

  • On February 6, 2014, a collaborative panel with the Council of the Americas entitled “New York: A Bridge Too Far or a Place Called Home for Latin American Arbitration?”
  • In the second quarter of 2014, a session dedicated to arbitration-related issues arising from M&A transactions.
  • Further CLE and training panels aimed at international arbitration practitioners and transactional attorneys, among others.

Articles on New York Law

The NYIAC website already hosts a number of articles on New York as both a choice of substantive law and as a seat of arbitration, covering topics such as the enforceability of arbitration agreements, finality of awards and case notes on recent decisions handed down by the New York courts.  Present and future initiatives include “hot topic” articles and industry-specific leaflets on New York law to be published on the NYIAC website, and collaborations with the ABA (which will shortly publish an edition of its magazine dedicated to NYIAC and New York law), the New York Law Journal and the International Bar Association.

Studies on New York Law

NYIAC will be collaborating with law school faculties to plan studies on New York as both choice of law and seat of arbitration in an effort to develop a strong empirical base for its educational and promotional goals.  Initiatives currently in development include review of statistics and empirical evidence of the volume of arbitrations seated in New York and / or determined under New York law, as compared with other global venues.

Law Students

NYIAC has on-going partnerships with New York area Law Schools, who send law students to NYIAC to serve as “legal externs” in order to immerse students in the real-world practice of international arbitration.

For more information on the Fall 2014 NYIAC Internship for NYU Students, click here: NYU Internship Program at NYIAC.