Leading Arbitrators, Lawyers and Institutions

Thanks to its historical role as a global financial and commercial center, New York is home to experienced and leading arbitrators and mediators, experienced lawyers, and highly respected arbitration and alternative dispute resolution institutions.

New York arbitrators and advocates are not only experienced and skilled as arbitration practitioners, but also have extensive experience in dealing with the most complex commercial and financial matters. New York offers a wealth of choices for the selection of arbitrators. New York is well-known for its international arbitration practitioners and scholars and affords access to rosters of highly experienced international arbitrators of many nationalities drawn from the ranks of the legal profession as well as other disciplines. New York also has significant numbers of highly skilled maritime arbitrators and advocates.

Many of those same lawyers are bilingual or multilingual and have a sophisticated understanding of other legal systems. Many are at leading international law firms based in New York that have the capacity to render services throughout the world. It may fairly be said that New York offers more arbitrators with direct personal experience handling complex commercial and financial matters and with greater knowledge of the law and business practices specific to a broad range of businesses than any other seat for arbitration in the world.

New York also plays host to many of the most respected arbitration and alternative dispute resolution institutions, including the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce, the International Centre for Dispute Resolution, the CPR International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution, and JAMS and JAMS International.

Furthermore, various local bar associations are a good source for recommendations for neutrals, facilities, law firms, and other service providers. They have as members leading international arbitration practitioners in New York; they hold regular meetings, sometimes with guest speakers; and they seek to facilitate the exchange of information and views. Such bar associations include:

New York is also home to several of the leading law schools in the United States, which host important institutes for the study of international arbitration and international law. These include: