International Arbitration Resources

NYIAC’s library of international arbitration resources is a prime landing page for practitioners and scholars of international arbitration around the world. It is packed with free, easily accessible resources on international arbitration in New York and everywhere around the globe.

These pages are your portal to a wide array of the best international arbitration resources on the internet.  They feature many of the primary sources and texts that govern international arbitration, including treaties, statutes, and institutional rules, along with model clauses and information about arbitral institutions.  They also include a wide range of databases and guides to help you find past arbitral awards and leading secondary sources.  Finally, the New York law page provides extensive research and analysis on the law governing international arbitration matters in New York.

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Institutions, Rules and Model Clauses

International Arbitration can be conducted in New York on an ad hoc basis, or under the administration of any arbitration institutions. This page provides information and links to some of the leading arbitration institutions that administer arbitrations in New York and rules that are used in New York every day.

International Treaties and Local Statutes

International Arbitration in New York is supported by major international treaties and local laws that create a stable and predictable environment for arbitration and enforcement of arbitration awards. This page provides links to key international treaties and local laws.

Awards, Guidelines and Other Research

Finding and sorting through international arbitration research can be a global maze. This page provides links to some of the most useful, free sites for international arbitration research on the Internet.

New York Law in International Matters

Read more about legal and judicial environment in New York for international disputes and international arbitration.  This section provide links to leading studies and reports of the impact on international practice of New York law, New York courts and federal law as it is applied in New York.

Articles on International Arbitration

Carter, James and Pierce, John, Arbitrating in New York: The NYIAC Advantage. The International Comparative Legal Guide to International Arbitration 2017 Read Article Sussman, Edna and Dosman, Alexandra, Evaluating the Advantages and Drawbacks of Emergency Arbitrators. Transnational Dispute Management, Vol 12 Issue 6. Nov 2015 Read Article Download Full Volume Nov 2015 Permesly, Jennifer and Anders, Joshua, […]

Case Law Chronicles

The latest arbitration-related legal developments and analysis.